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This azimut party yacht rental is the greatest!!

This azimut party yacht rental is the greatest!! we had a magical event on board this yacht rental in Miami beach, well more specifically in downtown Miami. i hired Captain Hook Boat Rentals to be our Boat Rental Service provider in downtown Miami for a corporate event. we had 13 guests on board the azimut yacht and then rented an additional boat rental package to accompany the yacht with an additional 6 passengers. we all had a great time and i truly appreciate this boat rental service in Miami Florida for providing me with a great and professionally managed experience.

our boat rental experience was out of this world.

our boat rental experience was out of this world. starting with the entire boat rental selection options that Captain Hook boat rentals has to offer was a bit overwhelming at first since I've never rented a boat in Miami Florida before, but I called in and spoke to "Jess" she was super helpful and treated me very well. we chose our boat rental package and paid a deposit and on the day of the boat rental in Miami beach we arrived, signed a contract, paid the balance and off we went. had the greatest time with my friends and super happy i hired this boat rental company to host us.

55 Azimut yacht is a truly magical yacht rental option

55 Azimut yacht is a truly magical yacht rental option. we had the loveliest day out on the haulover sandbar thanks to this amazing boat rental company for giving us the absolute best day in Miami on a yacht that i could even imagine. our captain tim was very nice to our group and the entire yacht rental process was a breeze.

This Boat Rental Company was great!!

This Boat Rental Company was great!! we had originally booked our yacht with another Miami boat rental company but got canceled on last minute. I am very happy I reached out to these guys at Captain Hook Boat Rentals, they were super friendly and gave us a great deal on a last minute yacht charter in Miami beach. the captain was very nice and knowledgeable as well.

Great Boat Rental Service

This Boat Rental company in Miami has truly proven to be a Great Boat Rental Service for our specific desired boat rental needs in the Miami beach area. the boat rental process was super easy and the captain was very professional.

Great Boat Rental Service

This boat rental service provider in Miami area took great care of us. we chose the party pontoon boat rental because we thought it would best fit our boat rental budget for the Miami area based on our experience and boy did they deliver. the entire boat rental experience from booking the boat rental to getting out to the Miami sandbar with our pontoon, everything was just amazing.

Most amazing party day!!!!

I had the best time with friends and family on this pontoon boat it was amazing there were no issues and checkout was fast and easy definitely would recommend this company

Great costumer service

Amazing experience!!!! beautiful yacht!!!!!

Would totally recommend this yacht, had such a great experience with my family!

23' Yamaha AR
Y. Lorely Abreu
Amazing experience!!!

My kids love to go with this same captain always. The boat is very friendly and safe for kids and the captain is very knowledgeable and professional. I feel my family is safe at all time.
Coming back soon!!!!

23' Yamaha AR
Great time

Had a great time came down from Indiana spent some time with the family. Captain was very professional knew all the hotspots. Had a great time at Hall over. Boat was clean great sound system. Couldn’t ask for a better day out in the water.

23' Yamaha AR
The Greatest experience ever

It was a terrific experience! We spent most of our day at Haulover sand bar! We play our music on the boat all the time! Captain Carlos is a super cool guy! He knows all the tips to make of our experience the best time ever!